How to choose the best 20-gallon tall aquarium

Are you thinking of getting some squiggly fish into an aquarium? There are a lot of choices out there for anyone wishing to store the gilled creatures. The main aquarium varieties are the tall and the long ones. Let’s focus on the 20-gallon ones which are the common type because of their moderate capacity and versatility.

Let’s make a quick comparison between the tall and the long varieties.

The Long Aquarium

The long aquarium offers a larger surface area in the tank especially when the varieties of fish being kept have territorial instincts such as dwarf fish. It, however, consumes a lot of gravel and substrate for the tank base.  The cost of this extra equipment and accessories can be surprisingly high.

While the long aquarium has its advantages, this type of aquarium is not best for tall water plants and does not promote the keeping of multi-level fish varieties. If there are aggressive fish in the tank or fish tank floor varieties like the pistols breed then there might be a serious challenge with fish interaction in this type of tank.

The long type of aquarium also demands a lot of space for occupation which can be a challenge. It also minimises the viewing height which might not provide a perfect visual experience with the tank occupants.

The Tall or High Aquarium

The main feature is the height as implied by the name itself. This aquarium is best used for multilevel variety fish. Fish varieties usually have a preference for habitation, for example some fish varieties prefer the bottom of the tank and others prefer playing close to the surface.

Considerations for Choosing the Best 20 Gallon Aquarium.

  • The cost of purchasing and finding accessories for a 20-gallon aquarium is clearly the main critical deciding factor since every aquarium.
  • The varieties of water plant preferred since the tall version of the 20-gallon aquarium also provide a perfect environment and wall support for tall varieties of water plants such as Junglevile plants. This, therefore, means that best the tank would have the appropriate height for the intended plants.  
  • The fish varieties that are intended to be kept in the tank. If the fish can recline on any level naturally then this tank is perfect because it provides ample room for breed domination.
  • The desired view size depending on the number of varieties desired. The beauty of the tall aquarium is that it offers a very nice and high view of the tank contents.
  • Power consumption should also be considered when picking an aquarium for the sake of resource economy.
  • Intended space for the location of the aquarium is also critical to ensure a perfect fit. Fortunately, the long version requires minimum floor space since it extends more upwards.
  • The plant quantity intended should also be considered because the tall aquarium offers minimal space for plants occupation on its base.
  • Search for an aquarium made from high-quality material and not prone to easy disintegration or leakages.
  • Accessibility – this ensures easy cleaning, maintenance, and inspection of the tank to ensure a healthy aquatic environment at all times.

A wide range of aquarium varieties is readily available on amazon depending on budget and the design preferred.  Regular Aqueon Aquarium 20 Gallon Tall costs about US $180 before shipping and tax costs. Several lighting methods are available for aquariums but the LED lighting is the most popular for aquarium because of their soft light emissions and the relatively low cost of purchase, maintenance, and power consumption. LED light provides total illumination yet with very cool undertones creating a very serene overall look and feel.

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